Factory Prices Supply High Quality Copper Plate Copper Sheet

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Alloy Grade: C11000, C12000, C12200, C10200, C10300 etc.

Purity: Cu≥99.9%.

Specification: Thickness 0.15-80mm, Width≤3000mm, Length≤6000mm.

Temper: O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H.

Lead Time: 10-30 days according to quantity.

Service: Customized service.

Shipping Port: Shanghai, China.

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"CNZHJ" copper plate and sheet (C11000/C10200/C10300) are manufactured in compliance with the specific process demands of different industry sectors. Which are developed to transmit best possible durability, strength as well as resistance against corrosion. With the Copper plates made available in varied sizes and shapes, here our expertise also lies in custom designing these plates as per client’s specific requirements.

Factory Prices Supply High Quality Copper Plate Copper Sheet
Factory Prices Supply High Quality Copper Plate Copper Sheet2


1. The yield strength and elongation of copper plate are inversely proportional, the hardness of processed copper plate increases extremely high, but can be reduced by heat treatment.

2. The copper plate is not limited by the processing temperature, it is not brittle at low temperature, and can be welded by oxygen blowing and other hot-melt welding methods when the melting point is high.

3. Among all metal materials for construction, copper has the best elongation properties and has great advantages in adapting to architectural modeling.

4. Copper plate has excellent processing adaptability and strength, suitable for various processes and systems such as flat locking system, standing edge snapping system, etc.


● Less heat built-up

● Better surface finish

● Longer tool life

● Enhanced deep hole-making

● Excellent weld-ability

Suitability for mold cores, cavities, and inserts


Copper plates are also successfully meeting most challenging applications including:

Pressure vessels Electric power generation
Busbars Steam condensers
Heat exchangers Wear parts for expansion joints
Hydraulic bushings Welded tanks
Industrial controls Bearings
Nuclear materials storage Oil exploration
Pumps Shipbuilding
Boat hulls Offshore platform sheathing
Engraving plates Plastic injection molds and dies
Metal casting molds and dies  

Production Process

Factory Prices Supply High Quality Copper Plate Copper Sheet5

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