Top Rated-White Copper

White copper(cupronickel), a kind copper alloy. It is silvery white, hence the name white copper.

It is divided into two categories: common cupronickel and complex cupronickel. Ordinary cupronickel is a copper-nickel alloy, which is also called “De Yin” or “Yang Bai Tong” in China; complex cupronickel is mainly divided into iron cupronickel, manganese cupronickel, zinc cupronickel and aluminum cupronickel.

Cupronickel has good corrosion resistance, good ductility and high hardness, and is often used in shipbuilding, electric power, chemical industry, medical treatment and other fields. For example, high-end electronic product shields generally use cupronickel

The disadvantage is that because of the addition of rare substances, the price is more expensive than copper and brass.

The common elongation rate of white copper in the Chinese market is 25%, but we can customize production according to European and American standards, reaching 38%; trace elements can also be mixed according to customer requirements.

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Post time: Jul-03-2023